This story is purely fictional. I don't know Hanson, nor any of their associates. However, all of the original characters belong to me, and I ask that you not use anything from this story without my permission.

Author's Notes

The idea for this story originally came to me back in July of 2006. Mika's character seemed to just spring into my head one day. Her strong personality came first, and then her background and family situations began to take place. I wanted to write something different, and I felt like Mika had that. I wrote about half of the first chapter of this story in August 2006, but since I was busy trying to finish Infinite, I put it on hold and just let it sit. As NaNoWriMo started to approach, I found myself struggling to complete the outline for the story I'd originally intended to write during November. Then the plot for Trash entered my mind again, and I just felt like I was supposed to write this story now instead of putting it on hold.

Plot Synopsis

Her whole life Mika Davis has been made to feel like trash. Her one goal was get the hell out of the tiny trailer she grew up in, but when her mom walked out and left her and her siblings behind, Mika had no choice but to step up and take on the adult role. Now she's just trying to keep it all together but no matter what she does, it seems as though something always has to go wrong.